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 Newsletter Fall 2015 *** New 10/4 ***:

Greetings from Stafford Springs Soccer Club!

Newsletter, Fall 2015

(October 1, 2015)

Mid Season Update and Upcoming Events The Stafford Springs Soccer Club programs are in full swing.  This newsletter covers several announcements and upcoming events that you need to know about.


Picture Days are Thursday October15 in the evening and Saturday October 17 in the morning.  Flyers and order forms are in the process of being distributed.  Schedules for each group and locations of the photographers will be distributed with the order forms.


Apparel for sale  Some nice articles of clothing are available to order.  Contact Michelle Hasel to place an order.  See the website and the link below for an order form and sample photos.


Soccer Weather Announcements

As a general rule, soccer is played in the rain.  For our recreation programs, we only operate up to a very light rain.  In the event of steady rain or light rain with cold weather, or in the presence of any thunder or lightning, soccer will be cancelled.  In a borderline situation (which excludes thunder/lightning), come to the field if you are unsure and willing to play in the weather.  Anyone who does come to the field is encouraged to play a pick up game.  Cancellation announcements will be posted on the website, possibly up until the last minute.  For our travel programs, your coach will consult with the home team field coordinator to assess whether the fields are playable.  Travel teams will play their league matches in weather that is worse than what the recreational programs will tolerate.


Recreation programs The minikicker jamboree is Octoer 31.  The intramural jamboree is November 7. The last day for microkickers  is October 31.  More to come on each of these events.

Club travel programs observe Silent Sidelines on October 17-18. Please enjoy the story in the following link to understand what silent sidelines is all about.  Youth soccer in Connecticut observes silent sidelines on the third weekend in October and the third weekend in May.  Please take a moment on your way into the SSSC fields to observe the sportsmanship sign and take heed.  It will make for a more enjoyable afternoon for you and your fellow spectators, and for the players, referees and coaches.


Dave Bachiochi

SSSC Youth Director,


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